Featured Speakers

Francesco Cipollone
Director of Events CSA UK & Cybersecuirty strategist (NSC42, HSBC)
Daniel Cuthbert
Director of Research @ Santander
Magda Lilia Chelly 
Managing Director and a CISO On Demand.
Xabi Errotabehere
VP of Engeneering Cloud Confrmity
Xabi Errotabehere
VP of Engeneering Cloud Confrmity
Lee Newcombe
CSA Chair
Chris Hodson 
CISO Tanium
Daniel Card 
Founder Xervus Ltd
Dave Walker 
Security Architect @ AWS
Craig Savage  
Security Architect @ VMWARE USA

Kriti Mohul

Security Engeneer Checkpoint

Dhivya Venkatachalam

Consulntant Data Synergie Ltd


Francesco Cipollone
Head of Security Architecture - HSBC GBM
Director of Events CSA UK
CYBER Strategist NSC42

Hi, I’m Francesco,


I am the founder of NSC42. My background as an experienced Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and cybersecurity advisor with cloud focus gives me an edge in providing consultancy for NSC42.


I am originally from Rome - Italy and fuelled with passion, curiosity and dissatisfaction for the status quo, I believe in protecting identities in cyberspace and creating a safer, more connected world for future generations.



I have been focused on securing cloud transformations  for the part 6 years

Kriti Mohun
Security Engineer
Check Point

Kriti helps customers architect their security solutions, assessing their business requirements, and enhance their security management experience. Cloud and Threat Management through IPS, AB, AV, App Control and Sandboxing technologies are areas in which Kriti specialises in.

Before joining Check Point software Technologies, Kriti was helping customers with their system’s Vulnerability Assessment and Compliance requirements at Qualys, and was the subject matter expert in Web Application Scans. 

Kriti holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications, and a Master’s degree in Broadband and High Speed Data Communications from the University of Westminster.

Lee Newcombe
Director Capgeminy infra & Cloud
CSA UK head

Lee is a Director in Capgemini’s Cloud Infrastructure Services Cyber Security Unit and has been working in Cyber/Information Security since 1998 across a wide range of sectors.  Lee has had a focus on cloud security since 2009 and is an active member of the Cloud Security Alliance, including as the current Chair of the UK Chapter.  He was the industry security subject matter expert on the project that gave rise to the UK Government’s G-Cloud initiative, his book “Securing Cloud Services” was published in 2012, with a 2nd edition due later in 2019, and he has helped secure the cloud initiatives of clients from many sectors including government, financial services, utilities, regulatory authorities, retail, transport and on-line/digital businesses. 

Xabi Errotabehere
VP of Engineering Cloud Conformity

With over 20 years’ experience in design and technology, Xabi brings product design, user experience, software engineering and cloud system architecture together to bring world class, functional and usable products live. Xabi also leads the Montreal office.

Dhivya Venkatachalam
Data Security & MD
Data Synergie

Dhivya Venkatachalam is a successful Data and Information expert, consultant and a keynote speaker. Dhivya is the managing director of Data Synergie, a data and information advisory that works with enterprises to build a sustainable, holistic data ecosystem where all facets of data (data governance, management, security, architecture, analytics and the data in projects) in the enterprise work seamlessly together to create better value for the organisation. Data Synergie specialises in data requirements for Information Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance. Dhivya has worked with data and information for well over 15 years – She has been instrumental in defining the Data and Information Strategies, establishing enterprise information management strategy roadmaps, working on regulatory, compliance programs and managing the delivery of complex information-centric transformation programs. Dhivya is a strong advocate of data privacy and security. She believes in the power of Data Protection and Security as a business differentiator.

Craig Savage
Security Architect VMWARE

Craig Savage is a VMware Industry Security Architect and is based in the Denver area of
Colorado, USA. He is responsible for working with our clients, both external and internal, in
the transformation of their Information Security, from a product-oriented and software
defined approach towards people and service-oriented. His focus in on communicating how
VMware has achieved their transformations and how we have used our own products and
tools to improve our security. He has been an Enterprise Architect and Governance, Risk and
Compliance consultant, which allows him to talk from firsthand knowledge and strong field-
based experience when dealing with executives or senior technical staff.

Dave Walker
Specialist Solution Architect for Security & Compliance @ AWS

Dave helps clients to not only meet their compliance requirements, but also to characterise and assess their further threats and design and build the means of addressing them using AWS technology.

Before joining AWS, Dave worked on technical security standards and frameworks for a number of UK and US “4-letter organisations”. Originally a Security Subject Matter Expert at Sun Microsystems by way of Acorn Computers, he has been helping companies and public sector organisations to meet industry-specific and Critical National Infrastructure security requirements since 1993, and has filed patents on cloud-focussed security technologies. He has a BSc in Chemical Physics and an MSc in the Physics of Advanced Electronic Materials from the University of Bristol. 

Dave also works on Security and e-Crime at the Conservative Science and Technology Forum, and occasionally contributes to technical security initiatives at the British Computer Society.

Daniel Card
Director & Principal Consultant @ XSERVUS Ltd

Daniel has spent the last 17+ years working in the technology sector helping people better enable themselves, their businesses and their customers through planning, designing, building and operating secure information technology platforms. Daniel started his journey grounded in IT support, killing malware and using scripting skills to automate all the things. Daniel has been a consultant for the last 12 years, running programmes, projects,  teams and consulting exercises across for a wide range of businesses from global banks through to small specialist manufacturers.

He uses his people first approach, broad domain knowledge and offensive security capabilities to bring a unique and modern approach to solving today’s technology and cyber security challenges.

Lewis Troke
REsearch CSA UK

Lewis has some 40 years in the IT industry, most recently on Cloud and Cloud Security,

and has been involved on projects across Europe, USA and Asia.  Latterly he was based in 

Singapore, where he also ran his own company.  


Since returning to the UK he has joined the board of the CSA as the Director of Research,

and also supports their Universities outreach programme. 


Lewis continues to mentor startups, and is currently in a project with a UK startup

addressing their Cloud and IoT requirements.


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